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BTEC L3 Information Technology

The BTEC Extended National Diploma in IT will give you the knowledge and skills to progress into a specific area of employment within the IT sector.  We will endeavour to provide a mix of software and practical-related units that will give you the broadest base of skills to take you further in the IT industry.

Course Content

Year 12 Course Content (AS Level where applicable pre-reform)

The course will develop the learners Computing and IT based practical and theoretical skills. The topics covered range from Principals of Computer Science to Computer Games Design.

The teaching is delivered by well qualified staff and will include formal lessons, discussions and internet research. The majority of the work will come from students working independently with individual support from staff on their assignments. This course looks at applying student’s knowledge to practical IT situations which prepare them for working life.

In Year 12 you will study a selection of units from the below list:

1. Principals of Computer Science
2. Fundamentals of Computer Systems
3. Digital Graphics and Animation
4. Digital Audio
5. Digital Video
6. Computer Games Development
7. Website Development.

Year 13 Course Content (A Level where applicable pre-reform)

During year 13 the course will expand learners skill sets even further to give learners a wider variety of skills and knowledge.

In Year 13 you will study a selection of units from the below list:

1. Planning and Management of Computing Projects
2. Software Design and Development Project
3. Object Orientated Programming
4. Mobile App Development
5. Virtualisation
6. Systems Analysis and Design
7. Computer Networking

Entry Requirements

The course is suitable for anyone who has achieved a minimum of five GCSEs at Grade C or above or its equivalent. A GCSE Grade C or above equivalent is required to access this course.



For the majority of units your learning is demonstrated and assessed via internally set assignments for which you present a portfolio of evidence. For one of the core units you will sit a short written exam and for a second core unit you will complete an externally set assignment in exam conditions.

Financial Information

Students will be required to invest in a memory stick to use for the duration of the course – preferably 8GB or above will be ideal.

The Academy will not charge for books, materials, equipment and instruction in connection with the National Curriculum or Statutory Religious Education taught at school, except where parents have indicated in advance their wish to purchase the product.


Exam Charging Policy:

–  Students with less than 85% attendance may, under the discretion of the Sixth Form Office, be asked to pay for their exam entry.

–  Exam resits that are made at the request of the post 16 students will be charged at full price.

–  When it is not possible to obtain a refund, full price will be charged to students for:

    –  the Summer Exam entry, if they withdraw from the subject after 20 April.
    –  non-attendance at an exam without good reason.

BTEC students, who leave the Academy prior to the conclusion of the course, will be charged £50.


Future Opportunities

BTEC Computing is a foundation for a range of computing and IT related courses in Higher Education. It is recognised as valuable by a wide range of employers in the IT Industry. The student will also gain the skills and knowledge needed to enable them to maintain and repair their own computers.

Further Information

The BTEC Extended National Diploma in Computing is an ideal route for learners looking for a course that is more practical and “hands on” than the traditional A-Level pathway. The course will give the learners the skills, knowledge and ability to apply themselves to real life situations to help move them into a rewarding career in the Computer or IT industry. The course will give learners skills on Computer Programming, Mobile App Development, Systems Life Cycle and many other exciting and interesting knowledge areas. The majority of your work will be assessed by internally set assignments, however one unit will require an exam to be taken and a second unit will require an externally set assignment to be completed in exam conditions. This course will prepare you for a bright future in the computing and IT industries.

If you require any more course information please contact Mr Rhodes