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Chemistry is a highly regarded subject where you learn a variety of skills; analytical, communication, evaluating, practical, being part of a team, presentation and many more. It helps to develop and demonstrate a deep appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of scientific methods, develop competence and confidence in a variety of practical, mathematical and problem solving skills. This particular course (OCR Chemistry A) utilises a flexible content-led approach where the specification is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of chemistry. Teaching of practical skills is integrated with the theoretical topics and they’re assessed both through written papers and, for A level only, the Practical Endorsement.

Course Content

Year 12 Course Content (Year 1)

Content is split into four teaching modules in Year 12:

Module 1 – Development of Practical Skills in Chemistry
Module 2 – Foundations in Chemistry
Module 3 – Periodic Table and Energy
Module 4 – Core Organic Chemistry


Year 13 Course Content (Year 2)

Content is split into three teaching modules in Year 13:

Module 1 – Development of Practical Skills in Chemistry
Module 5 – Physical Chemistry and Transition Elements
Module 6 – Organic Chemistry and Analysis


Entry Requirements

Separate Sciences (Chemistry) or Additional Science (or equivalent, Chemistry 2 unit) at A grade or high B grade, and GCSE Maths at B grade or above


Paper 1 – Periodic Table, Elements and Physical Chemistry

2 hours 15 mins, 100 marks, 37% of total A level


Paper 2 – Synthesis and Analytical Techniques

2 hours 15 mins, 100 marks, 37% of total A level


Paper 3 – Unified Chemistry (questions from all modules)

1 hour 30 mins, 70 marks, 26% of total A level

Financial Information

You will be required to supply your own stationery products, scientific calculator and any other devices you may need to supplement your studies. You will also be asked periodically to contribute towards the production of a booklet full of past exam questions to aid your revision. This usually costs between £2 to £3.

The Academy will not charge for books, materials, equipment and instruction in connection with the National Curriculum or Statutory Religious Education taught at school, except where parents have indicated in advance their wish to purchase the product.

Exam Charging Policy:

–  Students with less than 85% attendance may, under the discretion of the Sixth Form Office, be asked to pay for their exam entry.
–  Exam resits that are made at the request of the post 16 students will be charged at full price.
–  When it is not possible to obtain a refund, full price will be charged to students for:

    –  the Summer Exam entry, if they withdraw from the subject after 20 April.
    –  non-attendance at an exam without good reason.

Future Opportunities

A Level Chemistry is an excellent basis for a wide variety of further or higher education courses and careers, including dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture, medicine, accountancy, physiotherapy, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical development and many more.

Further Information

Chemistry is a fast moving and dynamic Science. All of the teaching at Ossett Academy is in modern well-equipped laboratories enabling much of the practical work to be carried out on an individual or small group basis. In addition to the formal teaching and practical sessions there are opportunities for students to arrange individual tuition sessions with one of the full time teachers. The specification has been developed in consultation with the Royal Society of Chemistry, GlaxoSmithKline and a large variety of teachers in OCR Centres throughout the country. Students will be provided with textbooks written for the course. There is plenty of practical work and this is integrated with the theoretical work.

Homework is set on a regular basis and the students are expected to demonstrate a committed and hard-working ethic.

If you require further information please email:

Mr C Nemukuyu, Head of Chemistry, Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College